Artist Statement

My artwork reflects my aesthetic values, which have remained constant since my childhood. I adore clean lines, order, and balance. I have a passion for design and style because I firmly believe that they have powerful effects on people’s moods. If a piece is pleasing to the eye, it has the power to create calm emotions within the viewer and bring him a smidgen of happiness. I feel that the more beautiful an environment, the more contented the people who inhabit it will be.

My favorite type of artwork to create is jewelry. Oftentimes jewelry is overshadowed by clothing, but I believe that it can be equally outstanding and shockingly beautiful. I enjoy working with bright and pure materials, such as gleaming silver and large, vivid gemstones. My pieces are also inspired by the curves of the human body and I like to create pieces that will cover the joints and extend outward from the body, similar to armor. I strive to create striking pieces, which are still attractive and wearable.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Design 1

Some of the pieces I have created in class at Parsons.
Bilateral Symmetry

Rotational Structure


An earcuff made from cast silver.
Spider Earcuff
Silver and Stones


Double shank ring with a bi-colored tourmaline.

Silver and Tourmaline

Sunday, September 23, 2012


225 West 15th St., New York, NY 10011 Apt 1B

2013-Current Pierogi, New York, NY
                       Gallery Assistant
                       Organizing records
                       Contacting collectors
                       Packing and unpacking artwork

2012               Keri Starker Co. New York, NY
                       Personal Assistant, Graphic Designer, Jeweler
                       Photograph jewelry and edit in Photoshop
                       Run errands and communicate with suppliers
                       Create and send monthly newsletters
                       Wire wrap necklaces

2012               We Are 1976 Dallas, TX
                       Jewelry Designer
                       Created beaded jewelry
                       Work sold on consignment

2008-2012     North Dallas Shared Ministries Dallas, TX
                       Assisted customers with clothing and accessories selection
                       Performed sales transactions at the cash register
                       Organized inventory and restocked fixtures on a regular basis
                       Opened and closed the store

2008-2011     Onli Boutique Dallas, TX
                      Jewelry Designer
                      Designed jewelry from brass and beads
                      Sold jewelry on consignment
                      Hosted a trunk show to promote the line

2006-2008    Shopoholic Boutique and Salon Dallas, TX
                      Sales Associate, Jewelry Designer
                      Produced beaded jewelry
                      Consigned pieces in the boutique
                      Created displays for boutique and salon products
                      Restocked and organized fixtures
                      Handled sales transactions at the cash register
                      Washed and folded towels and clothes

Candidate     Parsons The New School for Design New York, NY
May 2015     Bachelor in Business Administration, Design and Management Major
2012             National Merit Semifinalist
2011- 2012  AP Scholar with Distinction

                    Adobe Creative Suite
                    Microsoft Office
                    Social Media Platforms

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rip Van Winkle Concentration

My concentration is based on the fairytale “Rip Van Winkle.” I created a series of jewelry representing the different things that would grow and land on a person as he slept for twenty years. 

Silver and Cubic Zirconium
1" x 5"
London Blue Lily
Silver and London Blue
1" x 2"

Climbing Rose
Silver and Stone
3" x 12"

Feather Cuff
Silver and Feather
.5" x 2"

Silver and Smoky Quartz
1" x 2"

Paper Flowers
Paper, Thread, and Freshwater Pearls
3" x 4"

Silver and Glass
3" x 2"

Starfishing Necklace
Copper, Mother of Pearl, and Starfish
14" x 18"

Spider Web
Brass and Glass
14" x 22"
Vine Ring
Silver Wire
3" x 1"

Wood, Glass Beads, and Wire
12" x 20"

Trifloral Ring
Silver and Stone
2" x 1"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Iris! Jewelry Collection

Inspired by Egypt (Osiris) and Art Deco floral motifs (Iris)
Osiris + Iris = Oh Iris!